Mary Hagen | Entrepreneur 


Hagen Companies LLC. | Hagen Hunting | Catnip Coffee Co.


My passion is niche business. Finding the correlation between two seemingly unrelated things and making them work together to generate revenue. Coffee and cats, hunting and fashion… in my world these combinations are like peanut butter and jelly.
My expertise is in developing solutions for new businesses, products or services that range from product design to UX to marketing and fulfillment processes. I have a number of my own companies to show for it, and a handful of really great clients at any given time.
Applying my expertise to your new business, product or service only increases your chances of success when going to market. Though networking, learned best practices, and a few disruptive tendencies, I can take you to the next level.
My top priority is to work with good people, doing great things, and adding value to their industry.
Background: Project Management, Media Planning

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